Still wasting time and resources shuffling paper, sorting emails and creating progressions reporting by hand?

Geiger-P cuts the time and cost of managing academic promotions, other academic rewards processes and professional services promotions and pay rounds by automating 90% of the paper/email trail.

Geiger-P can be locally hosted or cloud-based, lightening the load on internal IT functions and enhancing resilience.

Inititially designed for academic progression, Geiger-P can also manages professional services promotions and pay progression. It adopts your grading system, job families, organisational design, evidence trail (NSS, REF, Bibliographics, etc) committee/panel structures, terminology and workflow. Geiger-P reduces management burden, removes uncertainty caused by fragmented paper/email trails, provides live monitoring and tailored reporting and enhances resilience and flexibility if used as a Cloud solution.

Geiger-P costs less than the time of academics, administrators and managers take themselves on the administration of internal career progression.