Geiger Talent ™ is Tweedie Consulting‘s brand for Human Resources products created specifically for universities and research-intensive organisations.

We help our clients ensure that operational HR is a valuable strategic asset.

Geiger’s partners fuse:

  • insight into the realities of operational and strategic HR in research environments
  • over thirty years experience of HR software design for universities
  • determination to understand individual client needs to get a positive user experience
  • flexible adaptation to any university’s promotion policy and processes
  • first-class customer support after implementation.

The collaboration which created Geiger-P (see above) is between Tweedie Consulting and General Technology, provider of software to universities for over 30 years and producers of the sector-leading VT2000 software for managing Hourly Paid Lecturers and other sessional workers.

Geiger-P has passed its development phase, was formally launched at Univeristy HR Conference 2019 in May 2019 and is ready to instal at your university.

Geiger-S, for academic succession planning, is in development.