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Geiger-C: Efficient committee management for any organisation

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Do you think that your committees are 'digitized' because documents are circulated by email and viewed on laptops?  Behind that illusion is a committee secretary spending hours searching, clicking, copying, pasting, dragging and dropping, drafting, converting formats and labelling folders before opening an email with a long copy list and sending an email ... to find that there is a mistake and apologetically starting all over again. 

That is manual and many actions are repeated time and time again.   

Nothing is repeated in Geiger-C, manual processes are automated and it can be accessed remotely, truly useful where committee members are widely dispersed. 

Geiger-C replaces fragmented paper and email trails with a single source for committee administration.

Geiger-C functions and features:
Locally Hosted or Cloud Solution: we can instal Geiger-P on your local servers or as a cloud solution, creating access from anywhere.
Comfortable browser-based interface: Committee members simply log in to see the dashboard of the committeees they belong to. 
Documents in one, secure place: all documentation is collected in Geiger-C. No need to search through paperwork, emails or drives.
Monitoring: dashboards provide live oversight for secretariat staff and committee chairs.  

Cultural fit: all workflow and terminology mirrors existing processes.
Automated reminders: deadlines entered into Geiger-C can trigger reminder emails for submission of papers and circulation.
Easy committee administration:
Geiger-C sorts committee papers by any defined order to create committee packs and an agenda in a click. 
Download committee packs and agendas:.committee members can download the committe pack from Geiger-C or have it emailed.

Geiger-C can be used for a single committee or by a whole institution or business to cut the overall costs of committee using advanced workflow modelling.  Call Andrew Tweedie now - 00 44 (0) 782 333 4436 - to discuss how Geiger-C will make your committee management efficient. 

Example A: a union decides to make committee administration easier
A union's HQ uses Geiger-C to manage the committee paperwork for its 200 international, national, regional and local committees. Committee secretariat staff manage membership of the committees and access to Geiger-C, after which members 'table' papers by uploading them into Geiger-C, which collates them, automatically generates branded agendas and circulates the pack in a single click.  This removes tens of thousands of paper or email transactions and Geiger-C's monitoring and reporting functions make it clear that a centralised committee service centre is possible at reduced staffing costs. 
Example B: a professional association's regional council
The Chair of professional association's regional council decides buys a 'light' version of Geiger-C using the local budget so that council members can upload papers from wherever they might be in the world and the council packs are automatically collated and circulated at a time set by the regional chair.