Academic Promotions Fatigue?

You find the paperwork associated with academic promotions time consuming and often frustrating. It generates hundreds of email trails, eats up time filing evidence, creates an endless cycle of chasing documents for large committee packs and keeping track of progress itself consumes yet more time.

If you recognise this, you need Geiger-P academic promotions software.  It makes academic promotions processes efficient by automating transactions whilst leaving the process, and the culture that surrounds it, in tact.

Geiger-P is configured to mirror each university’s organisational design, role design, workflow and terminology and committee structures. It then automates about 90% of the promotions process from application through to committee/panel management and stores all of the documentation in one place.  Results:

  • administrative time reduces by about 60%
  • live monitoring is created for HR oversight
  • structured data is collected for ease of reporting
  • that data informs continuous improvement and, potentially, academic workforce strategy
  • sustainability credentials increase by reducing paper consumption.

Geiger-P can also automate applications for supplementary pay and professorial performance reviews.

See Geiger-P’s functions and call us now to see how cut 60% of adminsistrative time you spend on your academic promotions.
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